Thursday, October 27, 2005

journal entry eleven...

today marks one week. one week since i've spoken to any of them.

sometimes i think i will talk to J at some point but when i think of what i could possibly say, i come up with nothing. or with a bunch of hateful stuff that would only make things worse so what's the point? i think i can go on like this forever and i probably can. i mean, what's the alternative? eventually, too much time passes and trying to pick up where you left off becomes forced and ridiculous. and actually, it all becomes quite boring and i get tired of thinking about it and just push it out of my mind.

eventually it'll be years from now and i'll be all 'holy shit! i haven't talked to those people in ages!' maybe i'll think back on them wistfully and with affection. if that's the case, it certainly IS going to take MANY years to get there.


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