Thursday, October 27, 2005

randomness five...

a long time ago, right after W and i broke up i read this book called "the diary of an emotional idiot". i kind of liked it but i didn't love it. i had a real affection for it though because it was the first book i'd read in a long time. (when W and i were together i didn't read or write much at all.)

so. i was happy to finally be reading again and even though i didn't love the book, like i said, i had an affection for it.

when i finished it i loaned it to my friend D because i thought she would like it and also because i thought she was a bit of an emotional idiot and would relate.

eventually we lost touch with each other before she ever returned it and then it went out of print and i was kind of bummed because for some reason i felt really nostalgic for it and wanted to keep it in my library.

i just searched amazon and it's been back in print since 2003. what a dork i am for not noticing until now.

that doesn't mean i'm gonna run right out and buy it.


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