Monday, October 31, 2005

randomness fourteen...

i think babycat is starting to love me more than she used to. maybe it's because i've been home more and have been spending more time with her and giving her lots of loving attention that used to be reserved for other people?

this weekend we sat together a lot and watched movies. she was always curled up at my feet or purring sweetly in my lap. and this morning when i opened the shower curtain, there she was sitting on the bathmat waiting for me to get out and meowing up a storm. i wonder what she was saying.

also, she's been waking me up in the middle of the night lately. i'll be sound asleep and then gently woken up by her trying to snuggle up next to me on my pillow. and she's so soft and sweet so i'll pet her for a few minutes then turn over and go back to sleep.

i hope all this attention is just because she really loves me and not some weird animal thing where they become more affectionate when they're getting ready to croak. she seems really healthy and happy. and lord knows i'll fall apart if she croaks. a girl can only take so much tragedy and loss at one time. please lets give her at least three to five more good years.


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