Saturday, November 05, 2005

i'm a mess - lyrics by the murmurs

i'm such a drag wish that i could disappear
i just smoked myself right into this chair
i've had no revelations
got no future plans
so many expectations
and no one understands

i'm a mess, i'm a mess

i ruin everything, it's never enough
got a tired alter-ego that's always giving up
i used to be the girl that everybody loved
and now i'm just too much

i'm a mess
(talking to yourself again)
i'm a mess, i'm a mess

and i'm crying all the time
how bad can it be
oh i wish that i was dead

i'm a mess, i'm a mess

i'm bored with myself
i'm tired of this life
i'm falling apart
can't even take advice
i'm so gone, need my prescription to relax
now, i'm wasted like the rest

i'm a mess, i'm a mess...


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