Saturday, November 19, 2005

journal entry fifty-nine...

i just got back from planting trees in the neighborhood. it's the first time i've ever done it on my own. i was afraid i was going to be shy and anxious, but it was actually pretty fun.

i chose a group that was planting close to my apartment so i can see the new trees as i walk to and from work and monitor their progress. hopefully the neighbors will start to take a little pride in the neighborhood too and stop throwing their garbage in the street. we had to pick up a bunch of litter and random chicken bones and broken glass. this is certainly a neighborhood in desperate need of some beautification.

we planted a tree half a block from J's apartment which was kind of weird. i was worried he and A might come strolling down the sidewalk together arm-in-arm and i'd have to throw up a little bit. fortunately it didn't come to that. i'm sure they were still all cozied up in bed like the lazyasses they are while i was out doing my civic duty like the do-gooder i am. hee.

no, i'm not bitter. remember? i have released all bitterness and negativity from my heart so that peace and joy can enter. and stuff.

i was doing pretty good with the positive attitude and loving vibes and all that until some jackass dumped a bag of breadcrumbs on the curb and a shitload of pigeons descended on us. we're trying to plant trees and he pulls some shit like that. it was a bunch of wing flapping and probably a batch of hep c raining down on us in a flurry of toxic feathers. gag.

anyway, the kids in the group i was with were really sweet. they were a group of runaways who live at the youth shelter in the neighborhood. i bonded with a transgendered girl named julia and her friends diane and francisco. they were all really good workers and super cute. maybe i'll start volunteering there at the shelter instead of doing the senior center gig. old folks kind of weird me out anyway. even though i know i too will be one someday. and i'm sure i'll weird out a lot of people too. just as long as i don't end up smelling like pee i think i'll feel pretty good about myself.

but first i must answer the bell and pay the pizza man and then it's off to write something unsuckworthy. and maybe a little "bottle rocket" too. i do love me some owen wilson.


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