Monday, November 28, 2005

journal entry seventy-four...


that is my test. my lesson in life. to learn patience.

i always want everything to happen right now. i want to know what's going to happen and that this valley is okay; that it's just a little dip and then i'll be riding the crest to something better again. i always want to know right now what's coming up and is it going to make all this worth it?

patience. i just need to live my life and the answers will be known when the time is right. there will always be something to look back on and know how it turned out. a year ago i didn't know this is how all of that would go down. back then i wanted it all to be over and less complicated. well, now it is.

and i guess even though i've been gloomy and doomy lately, it's not really that bad. i just hope i don't look back a year from now and consider these the good old days. egads.


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