Sunday, November 27, 2005

journal entry seventy-one...

i'm restless.

i tried to watch the movie but couldn't concentrate. then i tried to start a new book but my mind kept wandering so i put it down and washed the dishes instead. now the dishes are done, the house is clean and i'm bored out of my mind but not in the mood to do anything.

i'm still feeling bloated from thanksgiving. i think i must've eaten an extra ten pounds or something. i hope my pants aren't too tight tomorrow and that i can drop the extra baggage by getting back to my routine next week.

it's weird but sometimes i look forward to going back to work. when i have too many days off in a row i feel out of sorts and distracted. i also end up spending too much money and overeating out of boredom. i really need to get my shit together.

i can barely even concentrate on this entry. ugh.


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