Wednesday, November 23, 2005

journal entry sixty-four...

i lived with a new family who had just bought an old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere.

i have no idea who the family was, but they had a lot of kids and i was kind of worried that i would get lost in the crowd. i decided to explore the new surroundings on my own.

the backyard was really big with two huge oak trees, both of which had tire swings on them. there was also a place for a bbq pit and a picnic table and then suddenly everyone else was there and we were all really excited about all the fun we were going to have.

i kind of wandered off from the rest of them and went further back into the woods which actually opened up into these amazings ruins. it was breathtakingly beautiful and i couldn't believe how lucky we were to get such a fantastic new home with so many hidden treasures for so little money.

the ruins were incredible. there were parts that were all green and lush and looked like machu picchu and other parts that looked like athens and still other parts that looked like the french quarter.

it had all been abandoned and forgotten about years before and i was excited at the prospects of all we could do with it.

the lighting was so beautiful as the fading sun peeked through the canopy of trees i decided i just had to capture it.

i ran back to the house to get my camera but got hungup talking to the mom of the house or something and by the time i was able to get back to the ruins the sun had faded and it wasn't quite as lovely. i decided to come back the next day for photos instead.

and then i woke up.

i'm not sure what that all symbolizes and it's kind of broad for the dream dictionary to interpret, but it is interesting that i keep having all of these dreams about living in a new house or with a new family and being really impressed when i look up at the sky. maybe it means i should start looking up more instead of always looking down. "look on the bright side" so to speak.

the ruins were really fantastic. i wish i could find a place like that in real life. so green and calm and peaceful. it was shady and cool and there weren't any bugs or anything. so quiet and surreal. i'm surprised there weren't any faeries hanging out there. or maybe there were but i just hadn't run into them yet.


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