Thursday, November 24, 2005

journal entry sixty-seven...

thanksgiving edition.

babycat woke me up early this morning because although i may have the day off work, i don't have the day off from her ever lovin' stomach.

i filled her food dish and gave her fresh water and then i brushed her until she started bitching and tried to bite me. so now one side of her is soft and lovely and the other side is knotty and nappy. i didn't realize how badly she needed it until i saw all the hair clogging the brush. i have been a neglectful mother. i guess i'll try and get the other side later when she forgets and relaxes. she's too uptight and bitchy to try it now.

i prepped the apples for the pie last night so all i have to do is mix in the sugar, flour, butter and pumpkin pie spice and fill the shell. i'm glad i peeled and chopped last night because it took me over an hour. as soon as i finish my journal entry and do my morning stretches i'm off to finish the pie. i hope it's my best one yet. i'm going to bake it with extra love to be sure. i think the last one that turned out kind of lame was actually baked with no love. i was just doing it for myself as a trial for today and didn't give it any extra care so that could also be why it kind of sucked. besides the faulty apples i mean.

since it's thanksgiving and i've been such a sourpuss for the past few months i thought i would make a list of the positive things in my life and the things for which i'm truly happy and thankful. in no particular order:

* bright eyes, azure ray and the innocence mission - i only learned of them within the last year and their music has been the soundtrack to my life ever since.
* babycat - she'll be sixteen this summer and i don't know what i'd ever do without her. i hope i don't have to find out for many more years
* employment - even though it's not a dream job, i appreciate the consistent paycheck that gives me the freedom to live on my own in such a beautiful city.
* good health - all that breastfeeding my mom did really paid off because i am rarely sick and for the most part feel pretty good (physically) on a regular basis.
* my ipod - best invention ever. thank you apple! it has truly changed my life and given me countless hours of joy. even when i'm feeling horrible, having the ability to immediately find the perfect "misery loves company" song to help me feel even worse is the best thing ever.
* the few friends that i do have who are truly good friends and people i can trust and count on.
* feminism - although enlightenment is also painful, feminism has had an incredibly positive influence on my life.
* my mom - it's difficult and it's going to take many years and a lot of work, but i'm glad we're making the step toward repairing our relationship.
* good weather - if i believed in god i'd thank her for keeping the cold and the snow far from me.
* volunteering - i've met a lot of great people and learned so much about myself and others. out of everything, it's probably had the biggest, most positive impact on my life.

that's all i can think of at the moment and i have to get the pie in the oven so i'll end there for now. i'll add more when i think of them because i know i've got much more to be thankful for. and maybe it'll help me not be such a crybaby when it's all laid out in front of me: how fortunate i truly am.


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