Sunday, November 20, 2005

journal entry sixty...

last night i dreamed of a house with a retractable roof aka: the pathway to god.

it was a large, lovely house and i was staying there with a family i didn't really know very well. the father was showing me around and when we got to this large family room area he told me to "ask to see the face of god". as an atheist it was a little awkward for me but i did it anyway. "uhm, i would like to see the face of god, please." suddenly there was a huge creaking sound and then the sound of some machinery roaring to life. i looked up and the roof was opening up to expose the massive night sky. it really was quite spectacular and i was filled with this huge sense of good fortune and excitement at the opportunity to live in such a beautiful home.

i never saw the specific "face of god" but i didn't really feel let down or anything either.


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