Friday, December 02, 2005

friday poetry blogging - third edition...

city in grey - by me (broken ladder)

rain slicked streets
tired masses huddled
in doorways
under awnings

hope washing down gutters
like so many
cigarette butts

and then refuge
for some
as the bus doors part
making way
for morning

*** i'll probably do some work on the first two stanzas and create another poem from them. they're about the homeless people in my neighborhood but as i was writing them the bus pulled up and we left them behind. my mind kind of took a turn from there, hence the sudden change.

maybe i'll just write two versions of it: one about morning commuters and one about the homeless, but with the same type of theme. like for the homeless one i could change the last stanza and for the commuter one i could change the middle stanza. or something like that.

i just wanted to get something down for "friday poetry blogging" since i missed last week. i've got about twenty more started though so hopefully i'll do better next week. ***


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