Friday, December 16, 2005

journal entry 106...

as of right now i am on vacation until january 3rd, 2006. yay me!

i promise not to waste very much time and to really try and write lots and lots of stuff.

(that will be my new year's resolution too, not just my goal for vacation.)

also. my boss gave me a $200 amex gift card for xmas because she is the swellest boss ever. (it was from the whole team, but i'm sure she thought it up and is still waiting for them all to chip in so i'm giving her all the credit.)

i'm going to use it to buy a new tv because watching movies on my thirteen year-old SHARP is a whole bunch of bullshit. she's been a good friend to me and i'll miss her but this blue blob that continuously rolls up the left side of the screen after it warms up just isn't cutting it anymore.

gosh. now i'm kind of feeling nostalgic about it though. i'll miss her. ol' sharpie was one of the first purchases mark and i made together when we moved out here. at that department store in mountain view that no longer exists. and i got to keep her, the vcr, and the microwave in the break-up. he got to keep the car.

i'm still very satisfied with the trade all these years later.


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