Monday, December 19, 2005

journal entry 112...

dreaming about cory got me to thinking about college again and karla and eric. we had so many excellent times. i mean, i didn't spend a lot of time studying and eventually lost my scholarship coz i was working fulltime at mcdonalds and trying to have a social life at the dorms at the same time. there wasn't much time left over for studying when you also factored in reruns of "alf" and all nighters experimenting with drugs.

what a dork i was. but that was the late 80s and damned if i don't have some great memories even though many of them are clouded by a haze of pot smoke and fuzzy navels. i must've listened to "the wall" 9000 times that first year.

i was an honor student and totally straight edge until i got to college. well, until i graduated from high school anyway. i think i started experimenting with alcohol the summer i graduated and then moved onto sex and by my second semester of college i was pretty familiar with the receiving end of a bong.

ironically it was eric who turned me onto acid. he was a born again christian and his family was very devout. his little brother was a major "deadhead" though, in those days when there was that whole grateful dead, hippie revival thing going on.

(i'm embarassed to admit it, but i totally fell for all that crap too and owned a shitload of tie-dyes and TWO pairs of birkenstocks. ack! i snapped out if it in 1990 though so all's well that ends well.)

anyway, i remember one time eric and i went to some park in johnson county and "tripped balls". haha. i used to love to say that. "how you doin' over there, eric, coz i'm trippin' balls over here."

he was trippin' balls too and we kept taking pictures of each other and laughing about how dialated our pupils were and how his parents would trip balls of their own if they ever found out.

god, that was a great day. everything was so vivid and clear. i felt like i could see into the future and everything there was beautiful. i love, love, LOVED everything, even the humidity and the gnats. i still remember how my face and cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much. in the pictures i'm wearing a pink checkered tank top and my hair is all windblown and blonde.

yeah. so that's what i was just thinking about while i cleaned out babycat's litterbox, killing time before my date (with myself): trippin' balls with eric in the summer of '89. maybe i should spend more time in the good memories and stop giving so much energy to the bad. i do have a lot of good ones to reflect on, after all, and the bad ones just make me feel tired and old.


Blogger Bobby said...

Acid memories . . .

yes indeed

there are no memories like acid memories.

The clouds never look like that again. The grain of wood never looks like that again.

BUT: The same stuff you look at every day - after you look at it with acid in your brain - it still has that psychedelic tinge to it. Years later.

December 19, 2005 7:53 PM  
Blogger Irish Dad said...

I didn't realize your age. I thought you were a lot younger. Acid memories are the best. It's hard to think about now as I attempt to raise two girls but I once watched someone hit a golf ball while on acid. I think that thing is still going......

December 20, 2005 7:17 AM  
Anonymous diana said...

That's funny - I was the same way. I'd never smoked pot or been drunk before I went to college and then! Lots of memorable experimentation with those and other substances.

I did the same thing with the birkenstocks, too, then abandoned that hideousness after my freshman year when I fell in love with a guy who was NOT into the hippie stuff. I'm glad I never got into the Dead, though...

That guy was responsible for my initiation into great music, via the Velvet Underground.

December 20, 2005 7:38 AM  

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