Tuesday, December 20, 2005

journal entry 114...

alright, yesterday was my freebie but today i mean business.

i didn't write jackshit yesterday. i came home after the movie and watched "mad about you" and then "everybody loves raymond" which, why THE FUCK does anyone watch that show? it's the most sexist, negative piece of shit i've seen since i don't know when. the wife is a nagging, castrating bitch and the mother-in-law is the stereotypical selfish, guilt tripping pain in the ass. and the father-in-law? good lord. he's such a hateful prick. to EVERYBODY. i don't see why people like that show. i watched one episode and it bummed me the fuck out. totally depressing. not the least bit funny, unless you think people being shitty and mean to one another is funny.

anyway, that kind of put me in a mood so i just vegged in front of the tv for the rest of the night telling myself it was okay that i was totally wasting my time because hey, i'm on vacation.

well that was then and this is now. today i'm going to do my yoga, take my shower, and head down to the library and see if i can get some work done. maybe i'll stop by the asian art museum on my way home. art and culture count as "doing something", oprah and sitcoms do not.

i did read "brokeback mountain" again before i went to sleep so the day wasn't totally wasted. i enjoyed it more the second time, especially after seeing the movie. they did such a good job of staying true to it.

by the way, is it ang lee as in "anger" or "angie"? i heard it on an interview recently but i immediately forgot and now it's bugging me. they don't give you a pronunciation on imbd either. i guess they expect you to already know this shit if you're going to bother looking up his career.

i've got a dozen poems started and only half of them are self-indulgent pieces of crap. the other half i can work with. today my goal is to finish at least three of them and maybe start a short story. even if it sucks at least i'll be getting the crap out of my system and flexing my creative muscles again. i've got to start using them before they atrophy and i turn into one of the morons who loves "everybody loves raymond".

god forbid.


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