Wednesday, December 21, 2005

journal entry 116...

last night i drank a $4 bottle of wine and watched a FRONTLINE episode about credit card debt and how the credit card companies are always coming up with new ways to screw people over.

then i did the online version of "drunk dialing" and left nonsensical comments on various blogs like an idiot. that's what happens when i wake up in a good mood and decide to start celebrating before the workday is even over.

i woke up feeling a little guilty this morning though, because i didn't write as much as i planned to yesterday. i dreamt that i had finished a bunch of essays and started a short story and was feeling pretty good about myself and then i woke up. isn't that the way it usually goes? it's that whole "and then i woke up" part.

well, it's a whole new day so i'll see if i can pull something together. considering it took me nearly 45 minutes just to write this pathetic little entry, i'm not too optimistic.


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