Thursday, December 29, 2005

journal entry 129...

1) grief
2) sorrow
3) disappointment
4) fear
5) anger
6) anxiety
7) frustration
8) self-pity
9) self-loathing
10) and repeat


Blogger jane kay doe said...

as useless as this is, i really want to tell you.

i empathize. my situation was similar, but different. still, your emotions are very familiar to me. i can still feel them.

and someone told me while i was in the worst of it, or maybe not the worst of it but when the feelings were still new, that the worst feelings would last longer than i thought they should, but not as long as i was afraid they would.

it's been close to true. it was something i hung onto in the worst moments. now i know that nothing strikingly painful ever seems to leave completely, but it does become something i learn to live with and sometimes even forget about.

did any of that make sense? i have such a headache and i think i'm babbling.

in any case, this is all still new pain and new betrayal for you. i think it takes more time than you've given yourself to get really better feeling i'm only saying that to hopefully give you hope.

that you'll feel better.

and hormones fucking suck.

December 29, 2005 1:47 PM  

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