Friday, December 30, 2005

journal entry 132...

this is my 370th post since i started this blog on october 24th. of course, lots of the posts were song lyrics or poetry or my horoscopes, but still. it has been really theraputic for me to be able to come here and tell me deepest, darkest secrets and show my ugliest, stupidest, most embarassing self since i have so many roles and masks i must wear in real life.

anonymity has its rewards.

i would be lying if i tried to say that 2005 wasn't one of the worst, most difficult, painful and disappointing years i've ever survived. certainly i've had other trials and tribulations in other years, but this was definitely the most concentrated of shittyness. i can't even think of anything positive that happened this year unless you count that i didn't get fired, evicted, or hospitalized. i guess those are all positives so i'm grateful to have that at least.

here's hoping that 2006 is fifty million times better, happier, healthier and wealthier for all of us and that i'll find true, lasting love, passionate romance, and deep, meaningful friendships i can trust and believe in.

dear 2006, please don't suck. thanks in advance.


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