Saturday, December 31, 2005

journal entry 133...

i'm feeling a little better. i think knowing that a lot of the hysterics from earlier in the week really were at least partially hormone induced and not a complete psychotic break has been of comfort to me. there is hope for me yet.

it's still raining out so i'm going to have to drag my shit to the train station through rain soaked streets. i've got to manage to fit everything into one bag so i can use my free hand to hold the umbrella. either way, a little rain never killed anyone.

it will be nice to spend NYE with CA and CL. it's funny how i used to spend EVERY NYE with them when we were younger and then when i moved to the city we stopped. not this year though. i'll be back where i belong and perhaps that in itself will get the year started off on the right foot. i'm going to try and meditate on positive things all the way down there. try and do some hocus pocus shit to cast a spell of peace and love and joy for me and everyone else in the coming year. it's a fresh start and it can be whatever i want it to be.

i want it to be a really good one.

last night i had some funny dreams. in one of them, i was dating christian bale and i was helping him prepare for a role. he was playing one of twelve monks from olden days who ran some marathon barefoot. it was supposed to be really inspiring and beautiful but he looked scary skinny like in "the machinist" and it kind of creeped me out. he was very funny though, when he wasn't in character.

jason bateman was in another one. i don't remember much about that one except that he was very nice and funny and not the least bit pretentious as you might expect. i gave him a t-shirt or something and he was really sweet and appreciative.

so that's that. the year is finally coming to a close and it can't happen fast enough. get this year behind me, satan!

here's to 2006 being happier, healthier, more loving and prosperous than any that have come before it. please, please, please!!!


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