Sunday, December 11, 2005

journal entry ninety-eight...

it does still bother me.

it doesn't hurt as much or as often, but it does bother me when i think about it. it hurts my feelings because it was so selfish and disrespectful. that's the main thing: i feel disrespected and it makes me really angry.

but i'm trying to deal with it and accept it and get on with my life. i really am. and i'm not so obsessed or overwhelmed by it as i was before. i am starting to heal bit by bit.

the part that's frustrating is when i'm in the shower and i think of a really good comeback to something one of them said and i realize it's too late and i'm not ever going to get to say it to them. but it's okay. i'm still right even if they don't know it and they both still suck and i don't.

one of these days it will occur to them what they lost when they gave me up.


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