Wednesday, December 07, 2005

journal entry ninety...

i've been really tired lately. i hope that doesn't mean i'm about to get sick.

last night i fell asleep before "gilmore girls" even came on. at least it was a repeat so i didn't miss anything.

i am feeling a little bit congested but i've been trying not to touch anything or anyone and i've been washing my hands a lot so hopefully whatever is going around won't get me. i hate being sick.

i had a million dreams last night and just about everyone i've ever known made an appearance. they were all kind of hectic dreams, but comforting to some extent as well.

K was in one. he'd come back to visit and i was showing him around and all of the things that have changed. he looked just like he did that summer. i was really happy to see him and we had a good time together. then his wife came to pick him up with their little girl and i was sad to see him go.

in another dream i had made spagetti in a big crockpot for dad and me. it didn't look very good but i was happy to spend time with him so i didn't really mind.

around 3 am someone outside yelled "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!" at the top of their lungs and scared the shit out of me and babycat. we were both startled awake and it was so loud he sounded like he was in my living room. he wasn't though, so we both went back to sleep.

i'm still a little groggy and disoriented. i think i'll go take some decongestant and try to write again later, when i know what i want to say.


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