Friday, December 09, 2005

randomness fifty-one...

one of my coworkers that i don't usually like is out sick today. she called me to ask if i could email a document to her that is on her desktop at work so i had to go to her computer and login as her and send it off.

i've always thought she was this phony, saccharin sweet little kiss ass and now i feel like a jerk because i just realized that it isn't an act. she really is trying to be that sweet and kind.

maybe she's been going through the same type of thing i am because i just found this printed out and posted on the little bulletin board hidden beside her computer:

"Outer circumstances will ALWAYS change. We can't hold on to what we like about our lives; it will always change eventually, and we shouldn't be too upset by what we don't like, because without fail, those things will change too.

So true, long-term happiness doesn't come from getting what you want or eliminating what you don't want. True happiness can ONLY come from having the right attitude toward life no matter what your current circumstances. We can't choose exactly what our circumstances will be, but we can choose what attitude we'll have in the face of them, and that is what makes all the difference.

The "right" attitude can include many things, but the common standards are:

1) Unconditional friendliness towards all people - We're all doing our best given the minds/bodies/spirits we have. We might as well be friendly to people who are on the same difficult journey that we are.

2) A positive, optimistic attitude that you will get what you truly need in life, whatever that will turn out to be in the end. (A lack of attachment to how your good fortune will manifest, but absolute faith that the perfect circumstances for you will manifest at the right time.)

3) A steady focus on the gratitude you feel for the aspects of your life that you appreciate now, steady enough to outweigh the aspects of your life you'd like to change. (It's best to make a list once a day of the things you're grateful for, and try to add one new thing each day, that you've never acknowledged before.)

and the most endearing thing of all? her password is "loveworthy". i almost cried.


Blogger Angela said...

I heard a similar discussion a couple days ago and this kinda stuck with me..... Dignity is based on the ability to master the given circumstances.

June 07, 2008 11:43 PM  

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