Friday, December 23, 2005

randomness seventy-five...

the after dinner scene from "the fisher king" that always makes me cry:

lydia: "you'll probably want to come upstairs for some coffee."
perry: "i don't like coffee."
lydia: "and we'll have a drink. talk and get to know each other, a little bit better. and then you''ll sleep over. and then in the morning you'll awake, and you'll be distant. and you won't be able to stay for breakfast. maybe just a cup of coffee."
perry: "i don't drink coffee."
lydia: "and then, we'll exchange phone numbers and you'll leave. and never call. and i'll go to work and i'll feel so good! for the first hour. and then ever so slowly i'll turn into a piece of dirt...i don't know why i'm putting myself through was really nice to meet you. 'night."
perry: "night...'scuse me! wait! just, hey! sorry! 'scuse me! please wait!"
lydia: "no listen, i'm not feeling very well."
perry: "well no wonder. we just met, made love, and broke up, all in the space of thirty seconds. and i don't remember having the first kiss, which i think is the best part."

and then other great lines follow. and then sad stuff. and dramatic stuff.

you should see it. or watch it again if you've seen it already. it's so goofy, but so, so great.

"let me have this? LET ME HAVE THIS!"


Anonymous The Human Museum said...

Definitley one of my all time favourite movies.

December 24, 2005 10:10 AM  

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