Tuesday, December 20, 2005

randomness sixty-seven...

it's easy to spot movies from the 80s. usually richard dreyfus is in it and it has an anti-feminist slant. all strong, independent women are insane. or call girls. or victims. or castrating bitches. or all of the above.

"nuts" wasn't very good. i'm glad i didn't waste a netflix selection on it. they used to let you rate movies like this: 1 star = hated it, 2 stars = didn't like it, 3 stars = just okay, 4 stars = liked it, 5 stars = loved it. now 3 stars = liked it. i really miss the "just okay" selection because i didn't dislike "nuts", but i didn't like it either. it was predictable and heavy handed. silly in parts and ridiculous in others.

it's hard to see barbra streisand in movies though. and cher. i like them both very much, but it's hard to see them as the characters because i always see them as themselves. cher playing a single mom, barbra streisand playing some loudmouth woman.

anyway. there wasn't a lot to choose from at the library and beggars can't be choosers so there you go.

i think i'm going to make a large donation to the public library. they really need a better selection of dvds. maybe i'll include that suggestion with the donation. then again, maybe i won't.


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