Saturday, December 17, 2005

randomness sixty-three...

i just received this in an email from my mother. she didn't name the source so bad on her. i appreciate the sentiment though.

Food For Thought:

The spirit of the tree teaches us to serve others as we serve ourselves. While the tree stands and proclaims its place in the world, it also provides shade, shelter, home, and food for other beings. From its center it teaches us the lessons of its spirit:

* Have a foundation with deep roots, and stand firm in your place within the world.

* Reach upward to touch lofty things, and outward to extend yourself to the world.

* Provide shade for those who need rest, and shelter for those who come to you.

* Bear fruit, and be abundant.

* In the winters of your life, conserve your resources. In your springs, take advantage of the opportunities for new growth. In your summers, expand, thrive, and reach new heights. In your falls, release what no longer serves, make preparations, and await renewal.

* When all is said and done, leave behind some seeds.

so i guess this blog is my fruit, these posts my seeds.


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