Monday, December 05, 2005

this place in the ways - a poem by muriel rukeyser

having come to this place
i set out once again
on the dark and marvelous way
from where i began:
belief in the love of the world,
woman, spirit, and man.

having failed in all things
i enter a new age
seeing the old ways as toys,
the houses of a stage
painted and long forgot;
and i find love and rage.

rage for the world as it is
but for what it may be
more love now than last year
and always less self-pity
since i know in a clearer light
the strength of the mystery.

and at this place in the ways
i wait for song.
my poem-hand still, on the paper,
all night long.
poems in throat and hand, asleep,
and my storm beating strong!

(via run jen, run because it does at this moment seem absolutely perfect.)


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