Friday, December 02, 2005

today's horoscope...

"The world has yet to figure out the power of belief. We give a lot of things power - money, the media, sex, violence - but rarely does anyone acknowledge that what we think is possible pretty much defines what is in fact possible. At the moment, this principle is working quite strongly in your life. If you've been feeling limited or hamstrung by the circumstances of your life - or by a lack of motivation or loss of direction - you now have what you need to set things in good order. And the fuel is as simple as telling yourself 'yes', and having a little faith that it's true."

see? this really is an ongoing theme for me right now. i need to start really believing in the possibility that good things can and will happen for me. i can get published. i can lose ten pounds. i can find true love and fall in love again. i will make it through this darkness and be a better person for it.

what's that saying? "you've got to believe it to achieve it"? i think it's a sports quote but it relates here too.

i'm a good person. i deserve good things. i believe they're out there for me, i just need to start looking.


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