Monday, January 09, 2006

journal entry 156...

today has actually been a relatively good day. i haven't felt like crying once and when i have felt myself getting ready to go to one of my "dark places" i've just changed my mind and decided not to. maybe this new plan really will work.

the workday is almost over and i'm looking forward to watching FRONTLINE's "country boys" tonight.

it's crisp and clear out so my walk home should be lovely too.

and i guess it's true that i just need to stop looking for the negative in order to find what's good.

i just may start evolving anyday now, afterall.


Blogger Bobby said...

That's tonight?! I am very very into that. That and all Frontline shows. The one on Walmart and the one on credit cards and the one on religion and 9/11 and so on. That show is great. I might even buy some of those or something.

Why were you going to go sad? Good that you took the off ramp there.

Sometimes I can bring myself out of a mental condition from the outside in. I notice my shoulders are all shrugged up and tense and I relax them. I notice I'm slouching all depressed, and I stand up straight. I watch out for my breathing . . . make sure I'm doing that . . . Sometimes this outside in approach works, sometimes no.

January 09, 2006 4:55 PM  
Anonymous Diana said...

Hey broken ladder -

I had just gotten done looking at the tv schedule on My Yahoo, saw the Frontline show, and decided it looked good. The very next place I went online was your blog and saw this post. Very trippy! I'm settling down to watch it right now...

Also, you're pretty rough on yourself - you're of course already evolving! What, are you waiting 'til you have perfectly centered reactions to everything, and THEN you're going to start evolving!? Ha, ha.

January 09, 2006 10:17 PM  

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