Tuesday, January 10, 2006

journal entry 156...

today's affirmation was boring so i'm just going to do yesterday's again:

"I am being filled from the source within me."

i've decided to be happy again today. it takes a little bit of effort but so does anything worth doing, right? and as if to give me an added boost of encouragement, the theme song to "wonder woman" just played on my ipod. i've got it on shuffle so i assume it was a sign.

"all the world is waiting for you and the power you possess..."

amen, brother. i've been waiting for myself too!

i received my xmas package from mom yesterday. she always sends me the weirdest shit, but this time she came a lot closer to what i like. it was sweet and thoughful and it actually came within a reasonable time so that was a pleasant surprise. she also included a really long letter and it wasn't depressing like they usually are so that was a relief. she sounds pretty good and like she's on the right path so maybe there's hope for her yet. for both of us.

i'm a bit groggy and distracted so i'm going to do my stretches and try to wake up.


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