Wednesday, January 11, 2006

journal entry 157...

my horoscopes lately have been really positive and exciting. my life however, hasn't changed at all.

i have been working on my attitude though, and i think it is starting to make a difference. i even saw one of J's close friends yesterday and didn't freak out. we both saw each other from across the street so i sucked in my gut and waited for what he was going to do. he just looked at me and smiled and waved so i smiled and waved back. easy as that. no tearful confrontation or anything, just genuine smiles from across the street. if it had happened last week i would've lowered my head and pretended i didn't seem him and then went back to my desk and silently wept.

good times.

i fell asleep early last night so i'm going to have to watch part two of "country boys" online today. i was so sleepy from staying up late for part one that i fell asleep before "gilmore girls" even started. fortunately i can read the recap on "television without pity" so i'll be caught up for next week.

i wonder if "everwood" is a new episode this week. because if i stay up late tonight to finish "country boys" i'll probably sleep through "everwood" and there's no recap anymore so i'm screwed. maybe i'll just finish reading "a million little pieces" tonight and watch "country boys" online tomorrow. i haven't seen "everwood" in ages and if it's a new episode i wanna be awake for it. i've missed andy/treat.

who knew i'd get so addicted to certain tv shows? i guess that's what happens when you stop being a social butterfly and hole up alone in your apartment for four months.

crap. i just checked the listings and "everwood" isn't even on tomorrow night. it's that stupid "beauty and the geek" show. why can't they cancel "7th heaven" for that shit so i can get my treat fix?!?! oh the humanity! and my horoscopes have promised me such great things. lies!!!

anyway. it's raining this morning so i'm going to ride the bus to work. hopefully it'll stop by this afternoon so i can walk home. i need the exercise and i feel out of sorts when i don't have my daily walking/thinking time. i shouldn't really complain though. it has been a pretty mild winter and i've only have to take the bus a handful of times so far. and at the end of march it should be all behind us and i'll be walking 24/7 without a break.

i'm starting to ramble so i'll end here. oh! one more thing though. it's a lot different reading "a million little pieces" now. i'm two thirds of the way through it and i hate to not finish a book when i start it, but now as i read it i keep thinking, "yeah right." i didn't mind the macho, tough guy bullshit as much when i thought it was a true story, but now it's annoying and tiresome. no wonder the publishers kept turning it down when he pitched it as fiction.


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