Wednesday, January 11, 2006

journal entry 158...

i know it's wrong to hate, but i really do hate/loathe/despise A.

i just looked out the office window to see if it's still raining and of course i did so at exactly the same moment that J & A were obviously meeting up for lunch.

my stomach kind of dropped and i was immediately filled with fury and hatred for her. she literally makes me sick. i find her disgusting and repellent. and J is disgusting too. they're both fucking assholes.

i really get pissed when i think about her and how she's never apologized. unless you count her calling me bitter and toxic and wishing me a good life. which i don't. and the fact that she takes no blame or responsibility for being a backstabbing skank.

she makes me sick.

but anyway, i'm going to let it go now. i just wanted to get it off my chest and this is the only place i have to go to.

i really fucking hate her. she's a disgusting fucking skank.


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