Wednesday, January 11, 2006

journal entry 161...

my mentor died of ovarian cancer when i was twenty-four. she was like a mother to me. i had moved out here a year or two before and she was still back home so i wasn't with her when she passed. for that reason i've never had any real closure and sometimes it feels like she's still there, that if i were to call she'd pick up.

her birthday was last sunday. she would have been seventy-two. i really miss her and think of her daily. i'm sure i'd be a lot less fucked up if she was still around to give me advice and tell me what i should do. she was a lovely, lovely person and i feel so blessed to have known her. i wish i could have known her longer.

i want to be for someone else, what she was for me. i really, really hope this mentor thing works out.


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