Friday, January 13, 2006

journal entry 164...

today's the big day - my mentoring interview at the shelter.

i'm kind of nervous. i really want to do well and be part of the program and make a difference in some kid's life. i hope they like me.

i wasn't sleepy yesterday after only 5 hours of sleep, but today it caught up with me and i'm a bit groggy this morning. i'm sure i'll be awake and alert for the interview it's just that organizing my thoughts right now for this entry is a bit troublesome.

BO and XT are coming over for dinner tomorrow. i'm making chicken pot pie. i've never done it before so i hope it turns out okay. the recipe makes it sound pretty easy so hopefully it really is.

i'm going to have to get up early tomorrow to clean the house, bake the cobbler, and figure out the pot pie.

ugh. i'm too groggy and unfocused to write at the moment. i'll try again later.


Anonymous Diana said...

I hope your mentoring interview went well. I think it's fantastic that you're doing that! It sounds like you'd have a lot to offer in that context - they really ought to pick you!

I'm sure your dinner will be delicious...sounds yummy!

Also, where are you getting your daily horoscopes? I like how they're written...I went to the horoscopes link you have, but from what I saw, you have to pay for the daily horoscopes. Is that right?

January 14, 2006 9:32 AM  

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