Wednesday, January 18, 2006

journal entry 171...

i sent the ecard to J for his birthday. it was short and sweet. i basically just said "happy birthday and have a great year" and left it at that. for some reason i just can't seem to let brithdays pass without saying anything because i'm too sentimental or something.

anyway, he responded to say thanks with a long winded email about how great i am and how he'll always love me and how he misses me and blah, blah, blah, but you know, it doesn't even phase me. i just filed it away with his other emails and i don't intend to respond. i am still hurt and angry and i still HATE his new girlfriend so i really don't have anything to say or any reason to establish contact with him again.

i just needed to acknowledge his birthday and i did and it made him happy and so be it. that should be the last of it as i have no reason for further contact with him until his birthday next year and by then i'm sure i won't even care or have any sentimentality left for him anyway.

i'm not at 100% yet, but i'm at a c minus and that's a good start.


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