Friday, January 20, 2006

journal entry 177...

i keep doing stupid things though. i'm going to stop.

1) looking at my old place to see if J is looking at it.
2) looking at his blog to see if he posts anything to upset me.
3) looking at our mutual friends' online photos to see if there are any of J & A together.

i need to get the fuck over it and stop giving a shit. i DON'T give a shit, i just like to drive myself insane apparently.

J & A both suck and were both terrible friends to me and they deserve each other. i hope they make each other miserable, but i'm not going to let them make ME miserable anymore. good riddance, fuckheads!

and stop rubbing salt in the wounds, self. it's ridiculous and SO SO TIRED! move on already. jesus!


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