Monday, January 23, 2006

journal entry 179...

ugh. yesterday was a full day of technical difficulties.

i got back to the city at a reasonable hour and then i showered and headed off to the genius bar to find out what was up with my new, broken ipod. the genius ran a test on it and said it was indeed broken, gave me a new one and sent me on my way. so i came home and was all excited and decided to back up my hard drive and then update my ipod, just to be a good girl.

i have over 40 MG of info on here though so it took forever. then, when it was almost done, it froze up and refused to go any further. so then i was all stressed out and upset because i didn't want to deal with the genius bar AGAIN so i decided to reboot and try fixing it on my own.

on the second round it was zipping through all the files and i thought it was going to be all smooth sailing but then it got to the same spot and froze again. this time i decided to give it a rest and try my new ipod instead, which i hoped would update quicker than the hard drive back up was taking.

i plugged in the ipod and everything was smooth sailing until song 735 and it froze and gave me the same error as the other one. "hmmm," me thinks, "that's the exact spot it stopped updating on the other ipod." then i was all concerned that my laptop was breaking my ipods but i decided to try deleting the song that was stalling the process and see if it would update if i got rid of that kink. and so it did!


i thought everything was going to be just fine, but i got about fifteen more of those errors and then everytime i'd delete the song that was holding up the process, it would go along like it was supposed to until it reached another corrupted song file. i figured this all out on my own, mind you, but the thing i can't figure out is how the files are getting corrupted. they're all from discs i downloaded myself and they used to work just fine so i don't know what's happening to kill them. i hope that's the end of them though and that my library is all pristine and worry free now.

once i was done updating my ipod i thought, "maybe those files were what was screwing with my back up proccess too!" so i rebooted and tried the back up process again and lo and behold, it zipped through the whole thing just as it was supposed to and it was mission accomplished, but for reals, not george bush style. yay me!

so anyway, that is why i was unable to post a journal entry yesterday, my laptop was giving me grief and i was busy trying to be my own genius bar. and fortunately i was successful! i was totally exhausted at the end of it all though, and couldn't even be bothered to stay up for COLD CASE. i was sound asleep by 8:30. (hello, sad, pathetic spinster!)

but enough about the glory of my new ipod and my own geniosity and mad sleeping skillz.

i think it's going to be another stressful, hectic week at work. lots of travel and meeting arrangements to be made. i've also got my first mentor training class on wednesday night. i'm looking forward to it though. i hope there are cool people in the class. (a cute, straight, single boy with a biting wit and fancy for strong willed brunettes would be a good start.) hee.

i'm still a bit tired and frazzled from all the tech support i gave myself yesterday so i'm going to close here for now and do some stretching and meditation. i'll check back in later if all goes well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is song 735? for some reason, i need to know.

January 24, 2006 12:20 PM  

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