Monday, January 23, 2006

journal entry 180...

i really do think i'm starting to get over this thing because my period is due any day now and i don't even feel like crying or killing myself yet. unless it's just a glitch in my cycle and the wrath of sorrow will arrive with the blood flow.

i have noticed that i'm thinking about it at least 33% less than i was before though, and even when i get a little twinge of hurt or hate, it's usually in and out of my mind just like that: GGRRR! i hate them!...wait, what was i talking about?

i'm glad for a break in the nutcasery as it has been a difficult burden to bear. i hope that it lasts but even if i have a wipeout during the curse, at least i'll know it's hormones and not real emotional shrapnel.

so i'm on a new path in life and i'm moving in a new direction. i'm leaving all those losers behind and opening myself up to new and improved possibilities.

also, i think the fact that i've been so busy with ipod repairs and work stuff has helped keep my mind occupied with other things. i don't have the time to brood and cry when there are flights to be booked and expenses to be paid...


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