Friday, January 27, 2006

journal entry 186...

this week went by really fast. i'm glad it's friday and i can sleep in tomorrow. i didn't want to get out of bed today.

last night i had a ton of bizarre little dreams. it's weird how they can be so totally different from each other, but blend together seemlessly. when you're asleep it just seems to make sense.

unfortunately, i can't really remember any of them except a snippet of being on a dance floor with some coworkers where we were all dancing with our headphones on so no one was dancing to the same beat, and another one where a friend of my old boyfriend, WE, was working in some office and instead of being a conservative prep like he was when i knew him, he was some hipster guy with huge grey sunglasses and a wallet so bulky that it made him look like he had a bubble butt. he was also of ambiguous sexuality, but i knew it was him anyway.

six and a half hours of sleep and that's all i got out of it.

i filed my tax return yesterday so hopefully i'll get my refund soon. when i did the first draft of the state forms, i was looking in the federal booklet to see how much i owed and about pissed myself. the rate is much higher for the feds so i thought i somehow owed almost five grand. after a few seconds of "oh my god, oh my god!", i figured out that i was looking in the wrong booklet and started over with the right booklet and it all worked out in the end. i'll be getting a sweet little refund that i intend to use to pay off the rest of my credit card debt so i can be free and clear by spring.

speaking of spring, i think it's sprunging around here. little cherry blossoms are starting to sprout on lots of the trees and i see little green buds starting to peek out of every tree i pass. thank you, jesus! i'm really looking forward to the longer days although when i'm playing the old spinster, it will be somewhat embarassing when i fall asleep while it's still daylight out.

i haven't even started this week's poem so i don't know that i'm going to make the deadline. last week i came in at the last minute when i really thought i wouldn't though, so who knows. i'll try to come up with something. hopefully it won't suck.

emotionally i'm still feeling pretty good. i haven't started my period yet, which is due any minute, but i'm still feeling relatively calm and peaceful. probably because i've been able to walk to and from work every day this week, which has been quite soothing. it just started raining though, so today might be a little more whack. lets hope not.

poetry friday. ack! the pressure to not suck! can she do it?!?! only time will tell...


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