Sunday, January 29, 2006

journal entry 191...

it been a nice, relaxing weekend. i accomplished everything i meant to, except the eyebrow wax because i totally forgot about it yesterday. i guess i'll do it on my way home from work next week instead.

the cramps arrived this morning and the blood is finally flowing so we know the hormones are raging. and what a relief that i'm not pregnant! har har. it's kind of depressing when i think of how long it's been since i was sexually intimate with anyone so i'm just going to forget i brought it up and move on to another subject.

i'm actually feeling pretty mellow today and not too high or low either way. just a regular run of the mill sunday without the requisite tears and gnashing of teeth that have been plaguing me for so long. a welcome relief for once. i guess i really am getting better and my heartache is starting to heal itself. i never thought i'd make it to this place but deep breath after deep breath and i'm starting to surface again.

i've got a lot on my plate these days. i'm writing more and i've got the mentor thing and i really want to take a spanish class. i need to find time in my schedule because i feel like being able to communicate properly with more of my community is critical. also, i love all of the spanish language films i've watched lately and i wish i understood them without the subtitles. that's my goal. i've got a buttload of work ahead of me.

at the moment however, it's the laundry that plagues me.


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