Monday, January 30, 2006

journal entry 192...

babycat is about as soft as a bunny. so cuddly and cute. i just love her to bits.

last night i had some bizarre dreams, none that i can really remember except that they were quite hectic and stressful and i was happy to wake up from them. i'm still kind of sleepy though.

i've taken about 95 advil and i've still got cramps. i'm not doubled over, but it's still this dull ache that is annoying. it makes me lazy too. it's like i'm my own gym teacher and i can use cramps as an excuse to sit out. i do it every time even though i promise myself everytime that i won't.

yes, i am feeling incredibly lazy today. i don't even feel like writing this post. and since i'm the boss of me i'm not going to.


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