Monday, January 09, 2006

randomness eighty-four...

i'm still totally shocked about the discovery that "a million little pieces" is mostly fabricated, exaggerated and untrue.

girlbomb dropped the bomb and i'm still reeling.

i'm halfway through it and i must admit that i've been going back and forth from the story to the back cover to the last page that tells what happened to everyone back to the story and so on. i mean, it is totally unbelievable. i'm all "how the HELL is this guy not dead?"

there's been a persistent, nagging suspicion that something wasn't quite right but i thought "a billion people can't be wrong, can they?" apparently they were.

i feel kind of duped but kind of relieved too. as if now he seems more human where before he was some kind of miracle. now he's just like the rest of us. common and ordinary with no special powers or story to tell.

and to be perfectly honest, the story he was telling was so fucking horrible i'm glad to know that he didn't really have to experience it or live through it.

i do feel kind of sorry for him though, coz it must suck to be exposed not as the tough guy you portray yourself as, but just a sad, ordinary fraud.

it is however, annoying how much he talks about truth and honesty and frauds and fakes in his book and how he'd like to kick their asses, when he is one himself. i suppose we're all hypocrites to one extent or another though.


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