Saturday, January 28, 2006

randomness ninety-six...

there's a crazy man outside, yelling. i'd guess he smells like beer but i can't be sure from here. he's screaming: "fucking asshole! fuck you! fuck you! ignorance! i know it! fuck you! fuck! fuck! go to your room!" and i can hear what sounds like a drunk frat guy egging him on and the crazy man's friend? cohort? companion? saying "take it easy, man. right? fuck it. lets go, right? come on."

fucking frat guys. i hate when they come to my neighborhood. they think it's glamorous and brave to venture down here. but they just antagonize the people who actually live here. even if that only means the ones smoking crack in doorways and drinking vodka from plastic 2 litres. we belong here, the frat guy and his brothers don't.

fucking frat guys. ignorance is right. amen, brother.

it's quiet again. the crazy man and his friend/cohort/companion must have gone. and the frat guy must have finished his smoke and gone back inside to order another drink.

now it's quiet, except for car tires on rain soaked streets. just like any other neighborhood.


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