Friday, February 10, 2006

dream with the fishes...

i really wish i knew where to find some acid. i think some of the funnest times i ever had were spent tripping, and wondering if i'd ever come down. everytime i'd put the little white tab on my tongue i'd give myself over, resigned the the fact that i might never come back. and i was okay with that. every trip was worth it, and i always did come back.

i read somewhere that there is no such thing as LSD anymore. the "war on drugs" totally wiped it out. there is nowhere left to find it. and that makes me kind of sad.

i'm glad i was a curious kid when it was still available. and i'm glad i had the nerve to try it. i wish i'd done more of it or saved some for later. like now.

one thing in my life i've never regretted is trying lots of different drugs. i've regretted loving people lots of times though.


Blogger Bobby said...

The last time I did acid, it was quite a ride. I'm going to go write a big bad blog post about it.

I didn't start taking it until I got in college. I had some slightly anxious, kind of scarey times, but I definitely do not regret doing it.

It would be really weird to do it now. Maybe some shrooms would be better for me, a little more control.

Yeah, I wouldn't have a clue where to get any of that stuff now a days. Maybe certain concerts, or restaurant people, or college people.

It'd be cool to block out about six hours and dose up and just roam. Yeah.

February 11, 2006 4:50 AM  

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