Monday, February 06, 2006

journal entry 201...

i'm still feeling a bit under the weather. a little lingering of ye olde "after the booze blues". just feeling kind of lost and lonely and missing some of the people i'd rather not worry about right now. it seems that there's nothing i enjoy more than beating a dead horse.

ugh. obsessing over J&A again and i'm not even really sure why. nothing better to do, perhaps? obviously there is, but it's just easier to feel sorry for myself, i suppose.

the weather is supposed to be nice this week so i can walk to and from work everyday and sort myself out. my routine was messed up last week due to rain, but this week i'll be able to gather my thoughts and cheer myself up while burning some calories. i've still got 15 pounds to go, but i'm pretty sure i can do it.

i feel like such a crybaby today. all i want to do is whine and mope and feel sorry for myself, but i've had plenty of experience with that and it never seems to make anything better. i need to redirect my energy to something hopeful and uplifting. i think i'm going to meet my mentee this week. there are good things going on in my life, i just need to pay attention to them.

sigh. mopey me is boring. i'll try to write again later, when i'm feeling better.


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