Monday, February 13, 2006

journal entry 212...

is it a full moon or something? coz i swear, the freaks were out in droves last night and i don't think they went to bed until about half an hour ago. it was the worst night's sleep i've had since i can't remember when. yelling and screaming and generally obnoxious behavior all night long. needless to say, i am exhausted again. the short bursts of sleep i did get were spent dreaming about how i wasn't getting any sleep and was going to be wiped out today. ugh. such the little pessimist.

i feel kind of nauseas from lack of sleep. it's the same feeling i'd have when i closed the night before and opening shift and didn't get any sleep. weird how that works.

but anyway. i'm out of sorts and crabby and feeling ill so i'm going to jump in the shower and see if that'll help me feel better. and hopefully tonight will be quieter and i can get caught up on my sleep again.


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