Friday, February 17, 2006

journal entry 216...

hmm. i feel kind of happy and hopeful today. what's up with that?

last night ST and i went out for thai food and then went to the pub around the corner and had a few beers and really talked and bonded and connected. we've both been going through personal difficulties and feeling kind of alienated and alone in the world. last night we kind of made a pact to be each other's "wing man" or whatever. that we'd make an effort to start going out together and doing more social and cultural things where we can meet more people. we feel like the only single girls on earth and it's good to have each other for support.

it was really fun hanging out with her. we talked a lot and laughed a lot and set some goals and made some plans and just had an all around happy, pleasant evening. and this morning i feel kind of happy and hopeful even though it's supposed to rain today and i might end up taking the bus instead of walking.

look at me going with the flow and not getting all bummed out about it. it's like last night scratched at the surface and i can see a little bit of "the old me" under there; the happy, hopeful, confident girl who believes good things are possible and that she actually deserves them.

i guess what works is telling someone else all the great things about themselves and everything they have going for them and then thinking, "huh, that all pretty much applies to me too, so if i think things are going to turn around for her and work out just fine, i guess i can think the same thing about my own situation.

maybe that's why shrinks do it.

so that's where i am today. no poem for "friday poetry blogging", but a better attitude than i've had in awhile and a determination to work on some poetry over the weekend. i hope it lasts.


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