Saturday, February 18, 2006

journal entry 217...

so i think J&A broke up.

i had a feeling a couple of weeks ago when he was looking at my old place and then posted that vague thing on his site. when i looked back a few days later i saw that A had commented on it in her own vague way which made me think they were on the skids. but then i thought, well, maybe they're not. who knows? i'm not speaking to either of them and none of our "mutual friends" are even my friends anymore so there was no way of knowing.

but now i think i was right. i just noticed he was looking at my old place again and when i looked at his photo blog, the one of her had been taken down.

so i wonder what that means. i can't say that i'm feeling like the "better person" because at the moment i'm thinking cruel and petty thoughts. that's what you get, bitch. you lost the guy and your friend. i hope you learned your fucking lesson. and i hope she's shedding a load of fucking tears. i'm sure it won't even be a tenth of what i've shed over the whole ordeal, but i really do hope she feels like shit.

surprisingly, or maybe not, i still pretty much hate them both but i do feel like i can breathe a little easier. she tried to replace me and was unable to. and that makes me happy. it proves once and for all that i'm irreplaceable.

and now maybe i can actually let this all go and stop being such a petty little crybaby. or not.


Blogger girlbomb said...

Ah! How satisfying!

Er, I mean, in a narrative way.


February 19, 2006 6:54 PM  

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