Sunday, February 19, 2006

journal entry 219...

it's so freakin' cold! the past week has certainly felt like winter. i'd been spoiled but we're getting it now. my fingers are so frozen i can barely type. the steam heater has a mind of its own and seems to think the room is warm enough to shut down, even when it's not! yeeeeee.

i'm putting off jumping in the shower coz i don't want to be freezing when i get out. i can't put it off for too much longer though because i've got to meet BO and XT for XT's bday brunch. i hope it doesn't start raining as i'm walking to the underground. the weatherman said "cold and clearing". brrrr.

i'm glad to have tomorrow off too so i don't have to get bummed out about going back to work tomorrow. i can relax and do laundry and straighten up the house when i get home today and tomorrow i think i'll take myself on a movie date. my boss gave me some movie passes and i still haven't seen "walk the line" so i might as well. i haven't left the house since i got home on friday so i probably should get out more.

still no word from HI. i suppose that really is the end of that then. kind of disappointing, but i'm getting used to disappointment so i'm not really that surprised. i am still glad that i told her the truth even if it did lead to this. it's a relief just to have it off my chest. if she can't deal with it, that's her choice. i can't force her.

oh. i do have something to look forward to: felicity - freshman through senior year on DVD. after my fourth glass of wine last night i decided to log on to amazon and spend a buttload of money i don't have. yay me. i am excited though. it's going to bring back some memories. i used to lay in my bed on whatever night it was on and watch with intense concern. i really loved that show. now if only they'd put ALL of the season of Po5 on DVD my tv cravings would be completely satisfied.

alright. i've put it off long enough. time to freeze my ass off in the shower. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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