Tuesday, February 21, 2006

journal entry 221...

i'm really starting to wonder if i should take a break from the internets and get back to paper. because i accomplished all of nothing this weekend due to tv and internet dependence. i really cannot seem to focus on ONE THING and concentrate for more than a couple of minutes. even when i watch a movie i have to be online at the same time. it's getting quite ridiculous. i think i need too give them BOTH up for awhile. until i have a grip again, at least. i just feel like a total moron and loser. i used to READ for fuck's sake. also, my eyes are going crazy and they're always really, really tired from staring at the screen all day.

it is a lot easier to type than to write by hand though. a lot faster anyway. i can get my thoughts down as i'm thinking them a lot easier than with pen and paper. but maybe that's just an excuse. i used to do pen and paper just fine and actually preferred it. mostly i'm just worried about my concentration skills and lack there of. i haven't read ONE BOOK this year. i started that james frey book but when i found out it was fake i put it away and turned on the tv. because i suck.

so. no tv for the rest of the week. can i do it? i've just got to find the right book and as soon as i get sucked in i'll be good as new. here goes nothing.


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