Friday, March 17, 2006

journal entry 230...

it was good to see McG last night. we reminisced about old times and how young and skinny we once were. we picked up right where we left off and it was like we'd never been apart. i like when that happens. he said he's in the city a couple of times a month now so we'll get together more often.

this week has been so hectic and stressful at work that i'm just exhausted. i woke up a little before my alarm this morning and wished that it was tomorrow so i could sleep in. hopefully it's not going to be like this next week. on a positive note however, my boss is taking me to lunch today to thank me for working on this mind numbing project for him all week. free food at a fancy restaurant - woohoo!

tomorrow i'm going to take the train down to spend the weekend with CA, TO, and EM. it's supposed to be sunny and clear, so that'll be a nice change. i'm fully saturated and sick of the rain. i mean, WTF? it's not like this is february for fuck sake. all i can say is it better finish up pronto coz i'm not into rain in april. that whole "april showers" nonsense is not for me. i'm ready for sunny and 70 everyday, thank you very much.

i'm feeling distracted this morning. i'm tired and a bit stressed because of the work project. i'm going in early today to try and finish it. i hope he doesn't intend for me to keep up with it indefinitely or until his seminar is over.

yesterday i was thinking how our brains are like sponges and how we have to forget some things to make room for new things. if you keep pouring water on a sponge, some of it drips through and washes down the sink. i was trying to remember some of the things i've forgotten, like old phone numbers, state capitals, the presidents, addresses, birthdays, people. so much that used to seem so important is now forgotten and i've mostly forgotten what i've forgotten so i don't even miss it. weird. and twenty years from now i'll have forgotten a lot of the stuff that seems so important to me right now.

circles, cycles, growing and all that.

i'm going to go jump in the shower so this day can hurry and be over and the weekend can start.


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