Saturday, April 29, 2006

journal entry 244...

i dreamt that i moved into a house in palo alto with two sisters and one of their boyfriends. i knew immediately that i'd made a huge mistake and i wanted to pack my stuff up and move back to my old apartment but i knew it had been rented. i kept trying to reassure myself that it would be okay, though. that i was only going to have to live with the women and the boyfriend for a year or two and i was going to save a few hundred dollars in rent.

i was filled with this sense of panic and dread that i had made such a foolish decision and when i finally woke up, the relief was overwhelming.

it's weird how when this all first went down i was so panicked and upset and lonesome and now i'm quite the opposite. the idea of living with someone or having someone in my space all the time is such an unpleasant prospect i don't even like to consider it. i wonder if this too is only a stage or if i'm actually turning into a reclusive, spinster, cat lady at this young age.


Blogger Bobby said...

when the old friendships wear off, I ended up trying to figure out new stuff to get into -- in order to meet people. Like poetry readings and so on.

I might do some volunteer work -- like at the local PBS or NPR or somethin -- stuff some envelopes and meet some folks

May 01, 2006 8:24 PM  

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